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Na.Vijayashankar, better known as Naavi is the founder of www.hdpsa.in and associate sites. Naavi is a Techno Legal Information Security Professional based in Bangalore and is a pioneer in Cyber Laws in India.

Naavi has also been in the forefront of Netizen movement in India. He is the founder secretary of Cyber Society of India, Founder Trustee of International Institute of Information Technology Law, and Founder Chairman of Digital Society Foundation.

Naavi is a visiting Faculty in a number of educational institutions and provides consultancy to several companies.

hdspa.in  is intended to be the prime knowledge center for creating awareness of healthcare privacy in India. The goal of Naavi.org is to contribute towards building a Responsible Cyber Society.

More information about Naavi is available at http://www.naavi.org/naavi_profile.html

Naavi maintains a network of information and service oriented websites around Cyber Law which are listed below.


Cyber Evidence Archival Center: www.ceac.in

Arbitration: www.odrglobal.in

Global Forum of ODR Professionals: www.ujvala.in

Ombudsman Services: www.e-ombudsman.in

Cyber Notice: www.cyber-notice.in

Verify For Look Alikes www.lookalikes.in

Legal BPO: www.naavi.net


Cyber Law College : www.cyberlawcollege.com

Domaineering: Domaineering.org

Information Assurance: www.information-assurance.in

HIPAA India : www.hipaa-india.com

Cyber Insurance: www.cyberinsurance.org.in

Privacy Knowledge Center: www.privacy.ind.in

Healthcare Privacy in India: www.hdspa.in


Ujvala Consultants Private Limited : www.ujvala.com

Naavi can be contacted here:


No 37, Ujvala, 20th Main, B S K Stage I, Bangalore 560050:

 (E Mail Contact)



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More on Naavi:

PR Syndicate, (an organization of Corporate PR Professionals in Chennai,) celebrated its First Anniversary on 20th January 2007 at Russian Cultural Centre. On the occasion, “Award of Excellence in Public Life” was presented to ‘Cyber Law Guru of India’ Na.Vijayashankar…More

Naavi as an Information Assurance Consultant

Naavi was introduced to the web as a columnist around 1997 and started his web related activities while in service with RKSWAMY/BBDO as an E Commerce Consultant and worked on development of websites to various clients. Subsequently with the release of the draft E Commerce Act 1998, Naavi turned into a Cyber Law Critique and Educationist.

With the release of the book “Cyber Law for Every Netizen in India” in 1999 he became an author.

Organizing the first set of suggestions to the Government on ITA 2000 and passing it onto the Government along with a persistent effort to start a Private Sector CERT, Naavi entered the domain of Netizen Activism.

Early in 2000, Naavi commenced his drive for “Cyber Law Compliance” in industries and pioneered the concept of “Techno Legal Information Security”.

By proposing services such as Lookalikes.in, CEAC.in etc he also fulfilled his role as an entrepreneur in the IT enabled services domain.

With the emerging challenges posed by laws on the information security domain, Naavi pioneered the concept of ITA 2008 compliance audit and also became a leading HIPAA consultant in India. With the stringent prescriptions of RBI on information security in Banks through the GGWG (G Gopalakrishna Working Group) recommendations, Naavi also pioneered the concept of GGWG compliance audits and has changed the perception of Cyber Laws in the industry.

In the recent years Naavi has pioneered a “Three dimensional approach to Information Security” and pioneered concepts such as the “Theory of Information Security Motivation”.

With such a rich background of different facets of operations in business, education and consultancy, in the year 2012, Naavi has redefined himself into an “Information Assurance Consultant” with an integrated approach to Information Security which is inclusive of the three dimensions namely “Technology”, “Cyber Law” and “Behavioural Science”.

Naavi’s innovative approach “Total Information Assurance” for “Modular Implementation” to Information Assurance is likely to contribute a new stream of thought to the domain of Information Assurance Practice. This has also made him the first “Total Information Assurance Consultant” in India.

P.S: “Naavi” is a registered trademark along with other trademarks registered by Vijayashankar nagaraja Rao as per details available here;