Ayushman Bharath Launched

A revolutionary project was launched today named “Ayushman Bharath” that aims to provide health care assurance to 10 crore families in India. Also called the “Modicare” program on the lines of the US scheme Obamacare, the Ayushman Bharath program provides Health Security to about 50 crore individuals with  a health  insurance benefit of upto Rs 5 lakhs.

While the scheme gives a boost to the Insurance industry, it also provides a big boost to the IT sector since the scheme has to be implemented on a nation wide IT platform connecting hospitals, dispensaries, doctors, patients, diagnostic centers etc along with the insurance beneficiaries.

Since Health data will be a sensitive personal information, there is a privacy protection/data protection angle in the entire scheme. The NHS (National Health Stack) which supports the platform envisages a massive registry of patients, doctors and hospitals maintained with updation of heath records etc. which may link itself to the Digi Locker Scheme, Aadhaar Scheme, Payment systems, GST etc., besides the Data storage systems in India.

Naturally, there will be a challenge to the capability of the industry to develop supporting  IT skills along with developing the Data Protection professionals.

The overall economic benefit of the scheme is therefore expected to be very positive though the media may discuss only the political implications.


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